Monday, December 12, 2011

Finished! Christmas Stockings (4 of 53)

Well, this regular blogging isn't going very well is it?! Christmas crafting is going slightly better, although not fast enough!
I have finished making a few gifts on my list so far, although the list of things to make seems to be getting longer rather than shorter. How is that possible?! Perhaps because I keep thinking of things I was to make. I think I'll need a rest by the 25th.
I did finish my Christmas stocking commission this weekend. They're on the way to Molly and Aloise in Kent just in time to hang up for Father Christmas to fill with presents. I hope the girls like them!


Little Red said...

The Mum loves them, and thats the main thing!! My Husband thinks they are super awesome too!!! CLEVER!!!!!

Flossie said...

Aww, thanks Clarey. I hope you like them as much when they arrive! x


Beautiful stuff Alice.