Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Christmas Commission (2/53)

I was recently commissioned to make two stockings, one 'pinky purple' and the other 'blues and turquoise' for a friend's daughters Molly and Aloise.

I've been sketching designs for a couple of weeks, piling up fabrics on my dining table, buying embroidery threads and my favourite polka dot buttons to match. I decided to keep the design simple, piecing strips of fabric in varying widths from 1-2.5 inches, interspersed with strips of white fabric, which were then embroidered with the recipient's name or stars, or embellished with a row of buttons. I love how the fabrics are all working together, and the freshness that adding the white strips, embroidery and button detail brings to the design.These still need a bit of work: I need to make and attach the linings and add hanging loops, but I'm really pleased with how they look so far. I hope the girls like them too!

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minniemoll said...

They look great! I might make some for my nieces next year (they're a bit small yet, the youngest was only born yesterday!)